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Biopharma leaders, are you considering AI to accelerate clinical operations?

I’ve been helping companies get more out their information assets throughout my career. Today, I help growing biopharmas accelerate their clinical trial operations through sound data practices and artificial intelligence. Combining my experience with their organizational knowledge, we envision better approaches from the perspectives of business strategy, operations, and technology. If you are a biopharma leader, consider making Keefer Consulting your partner in improving clinical operations success.



Welcome to Keefer Consulting!

My goal for this website is to present content that will help biopharmaceutical companies discover strategies for improving R&D productivity and compliance. Go to the Resources page and download white papers about reducing the time and cost of transferring electronic trial master file records between sponsors, CROs and other collaborators.

And feel free to contact me about any ideas you discover!

Ken Keefer
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